Saturday, January 19, 2008


Hello there fuckettes. Its been a long time and oh how I've missed you! Can you believe it its been almost an entire year since the last time I wrote to you hopefully you guys haven't lost faith in me.

Well to start things off....I'M IN NEW YORK CITY NOW!!!!! Yipppeee! My dream of living in the big apple has come true and I LOVE IT! So even though I loved the 3rd world with all my heart I am now in the very if not most first world environment that you could imagine. My adventures have been lame as of now cuz i'm STILL (i've been here for almost 4 months! Already!) getting myself situated and trying to find a super stable job...i know you're like "hello bitch you're in your country now it should be easy for your ass to find work" but then again I am in super saturated over populated New Yawk Citay! where everyone is looking for a job to pay their exorbitantly high priced rent.

you're probably wondering "i thought you were going to stay in the Philippines and dominate the industry and become a multi media mogul???" well, all I can say is that to be honest if I did stay for another year chances are I would have made it as a makeup artist there. But then I realized, shit, I'm fucking American I can do this in the US make tons more money and at the same time if I get famous I'll be famous everywhere. Besides I was really missing the is my home.

So I would like to hear from all of you to see if you're actually reading..just send me a quick comment saying that you want me to continue writing on this shiz and entertaining you with my trannylicious entertainment. let me know boo! toodles-beRoncexoxo

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Too many thangs!

Hello fuckettes! So sorry once again I haven't been adding any new entries in such a long time. Its been a combination of laziness and the fact that I didn't have internet. But I finally got internet yesterday so I know I really don't have an excuse anymore. Anyway, once I get myself together and get my pictures downloaded.

So far I've been on a pool party filled with Brazilian models, a beach party at a cool resort filled with brazilian models and my drunk ass passed out at the opening of a new bar that my friend does PR for. All in all its just been crazy partying as usual. Anyway, I'll make sure to document it specifically once I get the pics. keep reading and hang in there biatches. toodlesxoxox

Friday, February 09, 2007

So i'm staying in the Good Ole' Third world mess.

hello fuckettes! I know its been forever since I've posted anything on here its just been craziness the past few weeks. In a nutshell, i was in financial ruin (whats new?) and due to that I needed to find a new place to live cuz the rent I was paying at my place in Makati was getting too much and my pay as a third world makeup artist is shit. so by the miracle of God I was able to find a roommate, a much cheaper (but equally glamorous) place and land as a finalist in the Maybelline makeup artists search AND do makeup for Philippines Next Top Model (our very own third world version of America's Next top Model)! Due to hardcore perservation, some good ole' planning & some awesome friends that believe in me I was able to get back up and dust my shoulders off in a record timing THREE DAYS!

Here's a pic of my new roomie, his name is Justin. He's a cutie patooty from Denmark. I never thought I would ever meet anyone from Denmark let alone live with one. We're both kind in the same boat. We're from foreign lands and we're both in the fashion industry cuz he's trying to make it as a model so we're both still kinda learning the ropes of how the fashion industry works here so its good support.

this is us drunk as hell doing the "zoolander lip purse" enjoy!

no seriously, my ass was a mess. I had to sell some shit to pay some bills off find a roommate (thanks Justin) and a new place that was within budget or else I will be forced to stay in shit Davao for an undisclosed amount of time while waiting for my ass to be deported back to the ghetto in DC. Cuz the crazy thing about it was that when I already made my mind up that I was just going to go back and I ended my lease at my apartment Maybelline and Philippines next top model calls me out of no where! I mean the Maybelline thing is a national search looking for the next big makeup artist here and they even resurrected a huge gala to present the finalists to the media at Ayala Museum. They made my rotund ass stand on a stage for 5 seconds so that the media can take my picture and publish them with circles drawn around my fat rolls and double chin trying to convince the anorexic public that I'm the next face of beauty HA! i was so embarrassed more so cuz they were doing a full body shot but they're more than welcome to do a close up on my face. but regardless I was doing my best doing my best interpretation of Anna Nicole Trim Spa poses to make me look a bit more curvy and a lot less lumpy! Either way, I love the flashes of cameras especially when they're pointing at me. Speaking of Anna Nicole can you believe she died!!?? What!? Too much drama! I have my own take on my opinon on Anna Nicole but we'll discuss that later.

So anyway, here are a few pics of me at the gala with some of the other finalists that I've become friends with

Oh i'm such a ham (no pun intended biatches!)

Did I tell you that I heard that it was going to be a national reality show! Yes people your very own is going to be gracing the out of date boob tubes of the third world representing glamour to the masses! Supposedly its going to be in the same vein as Project Runway but instead of designers its going to be makeup artists. hahaha. i'm not too worried cuz I'm confident with my skill I'm more worried looking like a hippo compared to all the small ass skinny bitches that run rampant in this country. Oh well, all i know is that I'll just try to win the public over with my witty banter and gayer than gay personality. hahaha!

So anyway, the very next day I did the Philippines Next Top Model shoot and after being a diva and arriving late (the fucking corrupt taxi drivers driving in circles cuz they know I don't know where i'm going) I get there all sweaty and paranoid thinking of how unprofessional I am but little did I know the stylist herself who's in charge of the damn shoot was late herself, how Filipino. So i felt better. Anyway, i was scared cuz I got an email from the show saying that I was too copy jpegs from like a magazine on the girls and I was pissed cuz I hate copying I like to think of shit on my own. So I came prepared with sketches and everything of looks just in case they gave me free reign. AND THEY DID! OOOOOHHHHooooo...let me tell you I was so excited! Cuz I could do whatever I wanted. They pretty much just said "crazy & colorful" HELLOOOO thats my speciality so here are some pics of what I did. But the concept of the shoot was colorful, high fashion, extreme makeup while the girls posed with giant pythons and iguanas while looking glamorous.

this look was inspired by like a Japanese Warrior/kabuki makeup done in a non traditional kind of way

this one was inspired by like classic beauty makeup but done in an abstract approach. not as crazy as the other two but still interesting while maintaining "pretty"

and this one was inspired by Japanese Anime. I wanted the look to be like "cartoony" but still glamorous

So those were the three girls that I ended up doing. They were so sweet and I wish them all the luck and hope that they win the top prize. It was such a fun shoot with fun people except that i was wearing no makeup and I was sweaty all the time due to the confined space, so many people and all the lights for the camera crew. my God I'm going to look a mess when that shit airs. Oh well.

So anyway, since then I've just been getting settled in my new abode I'll post pics of it once i've taken pictures of it. Its just that I've been traveling to Mega Mall a lot to use the free WiFi at Starbucks haha. i'm so ghetto. Anyway, I also did my first Albumn Cover!!! I'm so excited. It was as the rest of them a last minute call asking me to do the makeup for the shoot. Its for this new Neo Soulish/TripHop band called Sino Sikat. I'll post it once I've get the final drafts. The band was really cool and the the lead singer, Kat was so nice and sweet. Anyway, I'll keep you bitches updated. Love ya and keep reading fuckettes. Sorry for the long waits in between posts I should be getting my internet sometime next week. toodlesxoxox

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I want to change my name...

My name sucks, RON??? Eew...its been bothering me for years cuz its sounds so butch and I'm just getting more and more confirmation from strangers that I'm meeting everytime I go out. I introduce myself and I say "hi, I'm Ron nice to meet you" and they say "Ron? your name doesn't fit how you look" Look? what is this alleged look? I guess Ron does sound butch like a "real" guys name or something. I can't use my online name "beRONce" cuz it sounds too campy. I mean it is. Its not suppose to be a real name just a fun little online nickname, however there have been times when people actual call me beRONce like for real. I think there are people out there that actually don't know my real name and just keep calling me beRONce.

Anyway, so I was thinking of trying to find a more unisex/ambiguous name. People just say to just say my name is RONNIE cuz its very ambiguous and its not too far from RON so I don't know. What do you guys think??? i'm really starting to hate my name so I want your advice fuckettes!

Oh my gosh sooo much drama has been happening to me the past few days. Flip floppin back and forth whether or not i was going back to the US or not and I'm still not 100% sure yet but I'll defintely make sure I update you guys whats going down by the weekend. I'm a bit scared on the outcome but here's hoping. Keep it gay ya'll love ya!

By the way, I was fortunate enough to get a gig and do the makeup for the first season of Philippines Next Top Model. Yes people, THE 3rd world franchise of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL i'll tell you all about it this weekend oh AND I was chosen as a finalist for this Maybelline Makeup Artist Search here in las islas filipinas. I'll tell you more about once I know more about it. Love ya'll and all you makeup artists I'm against for the contest. keep reading fuckettes! toodlesxoxox

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Looked in the mirror lately and asked yourself WHY??? Then go to my NEW beauty blog biatches!

Why you look a mess or why you look so dull. Well, it could be a multitude of things and its just not your facecream either honey! Wanna know???

Wanna know what makes me so glamorously fab in such an effortless way? Wanna know why eventhough I'm a Fat Filipino Fag and you're boyfriend is so damn tantalized by my dewy skin and luscious lips that it causes you to question his sexuality???

Don't worry Fuckette if you follow my advice on my BRAND NEW beauty/makeup blog you just might one day be able to exude half as much glamour as Moi! Or at least steal the attention back from your boyfriend for him to realize in that one second after being completely and utterly mezmorized by my stunning light of fabulosity that you too ain't that bad either.

Well then, what are you waiting for fuckette ask me all your beauty and makeup questions that you're too lazy to email Vogue about cuz you're not fabulous enough for them to reply. Don't worry I'll take your ratty broke ass under my Lane Bryant clothed wing and guide you into the light of glamour.

Don't be shy either if you're a guy to ask me a question too. I don't want all you potential hot boys to go down like that considering that you're in "the know" enough to even read my ghettofab blog. Backhair? I have the answer. Unibrow? that too . Too scared to buy that face cream cuz you're afraid that people will think you're pitching for my team? Well, I'll tell you how honey. In exchange for a date and a dip in my fudgepacker. haha. I'm kidding.

So read my blog biatches and find out the way to all that is glamorous and what you need to do to be JUST LIKE ME! I told you I'm prettier than you. Don't you hate it??? I know I don't! love ya toodles:)


Then come back here and realize that I'm not as perfect as you orginially thought. Keep reading ;)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

is it monday night or tuesday morning???

Shit my depression got to me again. So i started drinking my ghetto ass vodka from the mini stop across the street with some sprite wondering why no matter what my life is fucked up. I swear. *Keep in mind ladies and gents that my ass is intoxicated while typing this entry* But I know you love it, so fuck off.

Anyway, i'm broke as shit! I mean i have like a little over P300 pesos in my wallet. thats like less than $6 fuckin bucks. Why the fuck can't Filipinos, excuse me let me restate that by saying Filipnos that are responsible for hiring makeup artists see that my ass is talented, hardworking and will fucking take their brand to another fucking level???? I don't get it. All the makeup artists here in this country aren't anything to scream about. Its not like they're makeup geniuses. Puh leeze. It makes no sense. whatever.

Anyway, I'm a mess right now and I'm starting to see double and I can't believe that I'm actually typing this in cohesive sentences. I'll probably read this tomorrow and be like "what the fuck!" haha. Anyway, keep reading biatches. *Shut up you drink too! Love ya toodles!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Okay Fuckettes. While I was attempting to get my fat ass in shape for 2007 I was panting like a dog in heat "trotting" around Salcedo Park when I realized that I needed to be a singer....not want, but NEED to be a singer. For those of you that don't know. I've been a singer my ENTIRE life. LIke since I was a little kid. You know when Mariah Carey's mom described her as a child and how she use to run to the TV during commercials to sing the jingles?? helloooo, that was ME! i did that too! I'm not kidding betches. Ask my mom if you don't believe that Mariah and I were born under the same fate!

In a nutshell, about five years ago I was in a band called Soul Lyric which got some moderate attention from our peers & the industry. I dedicated my life to this band. I lived and breathed this band and I had some serious belief that we could actually make it. We were discovered by a DC producer tempted and teased, treated like stars, invited to parties and were supposedly the "next big thing" to hit the market. It all seemed like the real deal cuz we essentially didn't have to pay a dime. We got the interest of some A&R people from Rockefellar & Sony records. We just had to show up and deliver through our music. Which we did. when of course the inevitable problem reared its ugly head. Yes, ladies and gentlemen the one and only unchangeable trait that I just cannot do anything about and won't....NO not that I'm effortlessly fabulous and beautiful but the fact that i'm *gasp* GAY! (oh and Asian....but that was small potatoes compared to the gay part.) So in the lame attempt that the production company that we were signed to to change me and "masculinize me" for the masses didn't work they decided to drop my band with the excuse that the labels "just don't know how to market a soul singing asian duo where the lead singer is a gay diva singing queen" yes, it does sound hard to swallow but apparently the industry saw the potential and our fans didn't seem to care. Honestly if you ask me and Rina (my band member) we practically had a blueprint on how to market us but they weren't having it.

So defeated and shattered we broke up and went our seperate ways. I got into makeup cuz first I was good at it and my image was applauded in the industry. It didn't matter how gay I was cuz it was accepted for makeup artists to be flaming queens. Over the years, I've just been living and doing the makeup thing just b/c it was the obvious route for me to take and i was being accepted easily. And I know if I work hard I can really be a success at it. But in the back of my head I continually have this nagging voice to keep on singing. Its in my blood. I know it. But after such a shattering experience I've been too scared to continue it in fear of more rejection. But to tell you all the truth there is only one thing that brings tears to my eyes when I think about it and it sounds cheesy but I get emotional when i sing or just thinking about being on stage at the Grammys or something. Only when i sing. seriously. For the past 5 years its something that I've been trying to hide and there are even some days that I forget that I sing until I actually try and it all comes back to me. I'll be listening to something on the radio or whatever and be impressed with a singers run or note and I'll try it and I'll shock myself that I can actually do it. I'll seriously be singing and be like "shit, i just did it & that shit was off the hook" Its funny cuz I've worked so hard at getting people to know me as "The Makeup Artist" that when I tell them that I sing I think they think that i just like to jam on the karaoke machine or whatever. But its crazy cuz when they do ask me to sing I can't cuz its something that I don't want to go back to & relive. I always have some sort of excuse. Its not that I dont want to its cuz I don't want to be remembered what I'm missing.

So anyway, I realized that I need to approach the music in a different way. Instead of beating myself up and being someone that I'm not. I'll just be who I am. its that simple. Take it or leave it. Apparently myself is fabulous when it comes to the makeup world. So why not music right?

So with this, I decided that if I wanted to do the damn thang and be the best at it I can't do it here in the Philippines. I need to go somewhere that will challenge my skill and when I defeat it I'll be on top. Of course the two places are what? New York and Los Angeles where else??? I'm sure you're asking what about your life in the Phililppines?? Honestly, I know I can wreck shop in this country when it comes to makeup but I know its going to take time quite a bit of time. And if I'm going to invest time I should invest it in a country where if I make it I make it everywhere right? I mean really, I'm up for this job with this makeup company Shu Uemura here and if I get it and it complys to all my needs then I might stay. But if I don't which is likely (I don't know i feel like I'm not going to get it) then its a sign that its time to move on cuz I don't have time start from the bottom up in a country like the Philippines. I know what I'm worth and what I'm capable of and why take a step backwards when just being in the States is a leap forward to so many Filipinos. I'm talented i know this. (there goes my horn *beep beep*) And so far it seems like a lot of people just want to contain it here and I'm someone that needs to flourish & be challenged right? So i got to do what I got to do. I mean I love the Philippines its a great place but not the greatest if you're trying to be your full potential. A lot of great innovators and artists live here that will never be acknowledged. Its sad and I'm not trying to be one of them.

Anywho people, leave a comment and tell me what i should do or if I'm doing the right thing. i would love to hear from all you bitches!:) Take care and keep reading fuckettes. Toodles!